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Security pills series (18) - tweets in August 2012

 talks with , our mind is worried about survival, not about finding the truth input source for SE
 writes on human brain modularity, idea worth exploring to bring to infosec: modular & independent sec measure
 & Dr Ekman our feelings affect us when reading others' , this can be a decisive point in an infosec meetup
 & DrEkman, we believe we identify trustfulness even in a photo e.g.via face symmetry,why are we so naive? 
 & Dr Ekman, trustful people live happier than distrusting, distrusting jobs bring less health,and infosec?
alternative tweet: introduce the non IT day in your week and... your security thoughts will be much more human, durable ... and effective
for years we thought stress provoked ulcers but it was a bacteria  how many years we need to add sec in SW engineering?
mini robots that can fly & cooperate, algo coding is still valuable for mankind, I miss a similar innovation in infosec
big data, key for successful companies, customer-centric, maybe infosec needs to adapt instead of reject this trend
as author of  it's great to listen to saying that security needs to enable business
a measure against programmed obsolescence is not patching or upgrading, certainly an alternative way of thinking here!
 security in Dev-OpS: a quality of the common work by development and operations,an idea with potential thx

Security pills series (17) - tweets in July 2012

 at  ep267 first patch and then test, controversial & effective, sometimes infosec overcomplicates things
DLD conf 2012: soon our mobile will be our wallet, time for infosec to jump on this train on time in a friendly manner 
DLDconference 2012: tablets r mostly used in the evenings. Is infosec making use of global mobile statistics 4 defence?
rapport is getting emotional closeness with someone, so far from infosec & so essential to succeed  
C Kleineidam  at 28c3 talk on reading brain waves using open source the prologue to biohacking? 
looking for the bootanimation in an android, not in /system/media? not in /data/local? look for a bootanimation binary in /system/bin voila!
CSumner at SE podcast agreeable people use more speech fillers in FB (60% stat chance)  personality profiling soon?
CSumner at SE podcast extroverts use longer sentences and have more friends in facebook (60% statistical chance) 
Thanks to  organisers and presenters, a real itsecurity and tech risk think-tank, an eye-opener, worth the visit! Students, seize it!
CSumner from  at SE podcast profanity in facebook indicates less conscientiousness(60% stat chance) 
what about using the business process canvas to infosec processes?  and  a way to sync with business
July 2012  post is out! Pieces of wisdom from Dr. Taher ElGamal in 2010. Still current and relevant